Cremation is a method of dealing with a loved one’s physical remains by using high temperatures to transform the body to ash, rather than having a traditional burial or entombment.

Please know that cremation is only the mode in which you or your family have chosen to deal with the physical remains of a loved one, and that this decision doesn’t limit the ways in which you can honor their life. As such, we sincerely suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service, because your need for such a healing experience is not lessened by the decision to be cremated.

We provide several types of cremation based funeral services from elaborate to basic. 

We will take the time to discuss the options available so that your family may make an informed decision as you commemorate the life of your loved one.  Many people that select cremation are not aware that the funeral services can contain all of the customs and rituals of a traditional funeral, such as a visitation and funeral service either at the funeral home or church .  We also offer the most basic cremation service, which is called a direct or immediate cremation. This type of cremation service can be selected with memorial service afterwards.  We will also assist with the planning and coordination of the burial or entombment of the cremated remains.

Types of Cremation Services at Madison Memorial Home

Traditional Funeral Services Followed by Cremation: Prior to the cremation, the family may choose to have a visitation and funeral service with the body of their loved one present. The funeral service may be at the family’s church or the funeral home. We will clearly explain to you the different service and merchandise options available.

Limited Funeral Services Followed by Cremation: Some families may plan condensed services where the visitation is for an hour or two prior to the funeral service. Such limited services usually take place within the same day and may occur at the funeral home or church.

Immediate or Direct Cremation: For families that select immediate cremation with no viewing or service, staff from Madison Memorial Home will transfer your loved one from the place of death into our care, perform the necessary sanitary care required for a private family identification, provide dignified transport to and from the crematory, coordinate the necessary legal and medical documents for the cremation, and return the cremated remains to the authorized next of kin. We can also assist the family in planning a memorial service, selecting an urn and arranging for the final disposition of the cremated remains. 

Ceremony and Memorial Service Options

Bringing family and friends together to celebrate a cherished life is part of the healing process, and best served through a personalized ceremony and tribute. When choosing cremation, it is important not only to capture the memories and celebrate the spirit of your loved one, but also to provide healing through gathering together, paying tribute, and celebrating a life. At Madison Memorial Home, our primary mission is to ensure that this special, emotional, and necessary time for healing receives the utmost attention. 

Ceremony Brings Hope and Enlightenment 

Meaningful ceremonies with personalized memorials can be as unique as the loved one being remembered. We will help guide you through the process of creating a ceremony that ultimately provides a meaningful experience and leads to healing. Ceremony is a way to inform the community of a loved one’s passing, tell their story, and celebrate their life. Whether simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, a ceremony is most meaningful when it reflects your loved one’s relationships, hobbies, and the moments you shared together.

Memorializing Your Loved One May Include One or any Combination of the Following Choices:

A community gathering, visitation, and personalized tribute that occurs prior to cremation. This is a time for family and friends to visit, share memories, and show support.

This consists of a community gathering following the cremation. A meaningful program invites family and friends to visit and reflect on the moments they shared with your loved one.

A small gathering and informal identification takes place at the funeral home and allows the opportunity to say goodbye prior to cremation. 

After Cremation

After the cremation and memorial services, there are several options for the final disposition and resting place of your loved one.

  • Interment: your loved one’s cremated remains will be buried or entombed, much like a traditional casket. Interment can be done in a family plot, a niche, garden, and many other locations.
  • Scattering: you can scatter or spread your loved one's cremated remains at a meaningful location, such as in nature, at sea, or even at a memorial site. Additionally, you can choose to scatter just a portion of the remains, leaving the rest safely interred elsewhere.
  • Urns: you can choose to inter your loved one’s cremated remains in an urn, multiple urns, or other memorial keepsakes as a way to keep them close to you and feel the comfort of their presence. 

Cremation Caskets and Urns

The selection of a cremation casket and urn is just as important as the selection of the ceremony and is a required decision. The cremation casket and urn you choose will complement the personalized life tribute designed for the one being remembered.

Before cremation, during the ceremony, and at the time of cremation, the casket or container is the resting place for your loved one and gives dignity during the family viewing or community visitation. The choice of an urn that the cremated remains will be placed in after the cremation process is a very personalized selection as well.

We have a wide variety of cremation caskets, urns, urn vaults, memorial jewelry, and keepsakes available in a variety of styles to choose from, which allow you the opportunity to reflect the personality of your loved. one. To add a heartfelt and individual touch, your loved one’s life story can be woven throughout the ceremony or gathering, and applied to the casket, urn, and keepsakes you choose. We also have numerous unique and meaningful personalization and customization options from which to choose.

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